Song of Skaia

by Mark Hadley

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Wildtalon Mark Hadley is a fantastic composer. He along with Tarien Ainuvë as the vocalist for Song of Skaia created an album so wonderfully beautiful it sends chills down my spine each time I listen to it. I imagine the beauty of the newborn Skaia, with it's sessions planets floating peacefully around it. Truly gorgeous harmonies and melodies to create an amazing vivid picture of this world. Simply, as Tarien put it, "Music joins light
All is born from a dream
Let it be" Favorite track: Song of Skaia.
Pascal "Potato" Van Den Bos
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Pascal "Potato" Van Den Bos These are some of the most breathtaking songs in Homestuck, i love it! Favorite track: Song of Skaia.
Bridie Damisch
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Bridie Damisch This hidden gem brings me to tears every time I listen to it. There's just something so beautiful and primal about creation and its source. The lyrics are downright religious, and as a very spiritual person, that really resonates with me. Favorite track: Song of Skaia.
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released January 1, 2012

Created by Mark Hadley

Vocals and lyrics on "Songs of Skaia" by Tarien Ainuvë

Cover art by minty ( )



all rights reserved



Soundtracks for Homestuck, produced and distributed by What Pumpkin.

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Track Name: Song of Skaia
In vento cogitatio, spirat in vento
E vacuo lux elucet, lux e vacuo
E somno somnia cre'ta, somnia e somno
In clara umbra creatum versat

In vento spiritus flat, spiritus in vento
In fusco lumen ignescit, lumen in fusco
E somnis verita nata est verita nata
E nihil omnia cre'ta sunt omnia creata

Pel Amar vinya-onant
Feä raniel vilyadessë sira

Lindelë sama calad
Oloriello illuvë onant


Thought blows in the wind, in the wind
Light shines from the void, light from the void
Dreams awaken out of sleep, dreams out of sleep
Creation twirls in a bright shadow

Spirit flows in the wind, spirit in the wind
Light burns in darkness, light in darkness
Truth is born out of dreams; truth is born
All is created out of nothing; all is created

Around the new-born world
Wandering spirit flows in the wind

Music joins light
All is born from a dream
Let it be